Servicing Areas within 1/2 hour of Norton Massachusetts. Areas outside of 1/2 hour, will be assessed a travel fee.

Locations Serviced


Hello. My name is Claire Medeiros, the founder of Back to Basics K9 and a dog trainer in Norton. My journey in dog training began in 2004. Some of the members in my team include my three dogs, an elderly pug and two rescues. I currently reside in Norton Massachusetts with my husband, daughter and our three dogs.

I am passionate about helping dogs  and their owners by  resolving  problem behaviors and bringing out the best in their dogs.  I especially enjoy helping rescued dogs that have had difficult beginnings and help them learn skills they did not  have an opportunity to learn. 

My dogs are frequently used as helpers in training, as well as any fosters we may have at the moment. Dogs have the ability to teach other dogs a better frame of mind at a faster rate than any trainer can. When appropriate, I frequently draw on the strengths of my dogs to help other dogs.


My passion in training, is to help dogs achieve a more balanced state of mind. By utilizing my knowledge in various methods, it allows me to create a customized  training plan that is specific to you and your dog's needs.  Training should build a foundation, setting your dog for success by teaching the behaviors we want while strengthening the relationship between the dog and their owners. 

​All behavioral issues are based on the disintegration of the basic foundation; trust, communication, and respect. By focusing on rebuilding this foundation, it will allow your dog to thrive and you to be happier with your dog.