• "I contacted Claire after I rescued my wonderful companion Sneaux. At the time, I was at a loss and in desperate need of a behavioral expert to help me understand and manage Sneaux’s anxiety, that led to a great deal of difficult behaviors. After my phone consultation with Claire, she immediately emailed me resources so I could start to educate myself. After our first session, things were already looking up and I had my first sign of hope that we could rehab Sneaux. What I love most about Claire’s training style is that she does not use punishment or dominance to establish obedience, she uses respect and trust to foster a bond between the owner and the dog. She did not simply come to my house and work with Sneaux for an hour, she spent her time educating and training ME on how to work with my dog. Sneaux is an entirely different dog since we met Claire. I no longer have to “manage” my dogs behavior, all I have to do is sit back and reap the benefits of having a loving, well-behaved, loyal companion!​-Victoria and Sneaux, E Bridgewater, MA

  • "I cannot begin to say enough good things about Claire and her dog training! We have a Bernese Mountain dog puppy, Porter, who at a year old already tipped the scales at 90 pounds! He was impossible to walk, constantly pulling and was a serious risk for me to control. He also loved people so much that he jumped on everyone who visited. We knew that we wanted him to be the ring bearer in our wedding so training was a must! Meeting Claire for the first time put us at ease. She is friendly, down to earth and most importantly dog-savvy. She right away built trust with him and within only a couple of weeks he made tremendous progress with not jumping on people and waiting for food and treats until he had permission to move. In the few months that we worked with Claire, she completed transformed Porter into a dog who I could easily handle on a leash. I was so excited the first time I could actually take him for a walk and he stayed right beside me! Needless to say, he was a perfect ring bearer who walked down the aisle exactly as he should and laid in the front row until the ceremony was over. He even partied with us at the reception and of course, was the hit of the party! We are so grateful to have found Claire – she has made a permanent impact on our family and we would recommend her to anyone!" - Amber and Porter, Stoughton, MA

  • "Claire has such a calming effect on dogs and humans alike.  She has a firm, yet relaxed approach to dog training.  She was more than willing to go over any lessons we didn't understand and answered so many of our dog behavior questions.  We received an overview of the lesson plan and homework after each training session.
    We liked the fact that she comes to your home and can actually see the dog's behavior.  She also met us at Petco and Borderland for some  "real life" training.  She offered wonderful advice on books to read and how our body language and actions can affect our pet's actions.  For the first time I actually thought about how it would feel to be a dog that was now part of a human pack.
    Our dog is doing so much better in dealing with other dogs.  You need to follow her advice, do your homework and be consistent to get the results you want. " 
    -Margaret and Sammie, South Easton, MA

  • "I contacted Claire to learn about various ways to support my dog’s pro social behavior.  I have a Chow and training her was challenging for me and my family since we did not have the resources ourselves, yet our dog is not comfortable around people she doesn’t know.  Thank goodness we found Claire! She was so patient and creative with her teaching strategy so as to build our dog’s trust while providing us with valuable information.  She provided so much insight and suggestions about ways for me and my family to better interact with our dog so that we were nurturing, yet in charge, Her strategies, increased out confidence knowledge base which ultimately led to our girl having better behavior with us, people she didn’t know and other dogs.  Claire was always available for us to ask for clarification and feedback and her instructional style could not have been a better match for our family.  We are very grateful to Claire for all that she did for us and our Hazel! "- Christine and Hazel-Foxboro

  • ​"My sister and I reached out to social media for help with our rambunctious puppy. We were both frustrated with her behavior and were looking to get help. I received multiple recommendations, but the recommendation I valued most was from a friend who said to contact Claire for behavioral issues with dogs. After she shared her experience, I knew that's who I wanted to call.  Luna was a very smart puppy. She understood basic commands. I was not looking for obedient school but rather behavioral school. After one lesson with Claire my sister and I noticed a huge change in Luna. She wasn't so hyper and she wasn't such a terror. We did quite a few lessons and we learned a lot about Luna and her behavior. Each lesson made Luna a better dog. We would recommend Claire to anyone. Luna loved learning from her and now she knows how to behave. Claire saved us!"    - Paige and Luna- Mansfield